Welcome.   We have built Shop The Care Group, LLC to allow you access to high quality products at fair prices. Our goal has been to create what amounts to a supplement-buying co-op. Before you start taking supplements, however, you should obtain advice from your doctor or a licensed nutritionist. The kinds and amounts of supplements you take should be based on your particular health needs, which your physician or nutritionist can help you gauge. Your selections also should meet your budgetary requirements. Too often, I encounter patients who are spending large sums on supplements that they simply don't need.

At the Care Group, we can help ensure that you get what you need, in the right amounts, and at prices you can afford. We not only can help monitor your progress but we also can help you devise a comprehensive plan--including diet, exercise and stress management--to make your life and health better and brighter. We look forward to working with you.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment is to provide quality, cost-effective health-care in a setting that promotes communication, compassion, and confidentiality. We will reach out to advance health and healing as we develop long-term relationships with our patients. Your health and well-being are our main concern.


-- Gerard L. Guillory M.D.

Ultra Metabolism

Ultra Metabolism

Price: $64.00

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Protein Care

Protein Care

Price: $33.00

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GI Revive  22.18 oz

GI Revive 22.18 oz

Price: $65.00

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Mag Absorb 125 240cap

Mag Absorb 125 240cap

Price: $36.00

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